A Single Text Character From The Telugu Language Can Crash Any Apple Device

An Italian researcher has recently discovered a text bug that can crash any Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac. A single character from the Telugu language, which is a language native to India, will crash the device when sent via the iOS messaging app, What’s app, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, or even in the iOS Notes


The operating system cannot render the symbol and crashes. Even after resetting your device, the application cannot open, making it a very serious bug for iOS 11.2.5. Fortunately, iOS 11.3 fixes the problem; however, the update won’t be released until this Spring. Some users have reported a way to fix the bug, but requires the assistance of another person. Apple is attempting to release a patch beforehand. In the meantime, expect attackers to exploit this vulnerability




Tripodi, G. (2018). Basta un solo carattare per far crashare qualsiasi prodotto Apple (video). Mobile World.

Wei, W. (2018). A Single-Character Message Can Crash Any Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The Hacker News

  1. […] been getting hit hard lately with serious vulnerabilities, as we saw last week with the single Teluga text character crash bug. Apple states that the most recent iOS 11.2.6 ensures customers have the latest protection, but […]

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