Tips for Securing Your Network

Before I begin, let's address two obvious questions. Number one, what kind of network are we talking about here? I'm referring to a large or enterprise network. However, you can implement some of these security solutions on your home or SOHO network. Well, maybe you wouldn't want a network access enterprise server at your home.... Continue Reading →

Control Types

Control Types After a user has been identified and authenticated, the next security measure involves authorization and access control. From a broad standpoint, there are three main security control classifications that cybersecurity professionals base on their implementation. They are technical, management, and operational. Technical Controls Technical controls are any controls (both hardware and software) utilizing... Continue Reading →

Understanding the CIA Triad

No, I'm not referring to the Central Intelligence Agency, I'm referring to the three security principles: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. In the cybersecurity world, these 3 principles are our core security goals. Confidentiality We keep sensitive and personal information "confidential," that is, the confidentiality principle enshrouds itself in preventing the unauthorized disclosure of data. We... Continue Reading →

The Approaching Arrival of Cyberterrorism

Introduction The biggest vulnerability confronting cybersecurity professionals today is one we aren't even fully prepared to handle. This vulnerability requires cybersecurity specialists to be armed with the latest technology in network and information security in order to safeguard US critical assets. The FBI and CIA acknowledge its existence and its significant risk to critical and... Continue Reading →

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