Refrigerators Are Hacking People

You read that right: Refrigerators are hacking people (or at least they can). The machine that you use to keep your perishables fresh can also be used maliciously against you if a hacker hijacks it. This all stems from a concept called the "Internet of Things," or "IoT." This has become an increasingly common topic... Continue Reading →

Breaking HTTPS with a Proxy

I have previously discussed other ways to decrpyt HTTPS traffic, such as sslstrip and key logging, but let's discuss another way. When you link to a Web site, you're hopefully using HTTPS and not HTTP. Our Web traffic used to be encrypted using Netscape's "Secure Sockets Layer version 3 (SSLv3)"; however, due to some inherent... Continue Reading →

The Approaching Arrival of Cyberterrorism

Introduction The biggest vulnerability confronting cybersecurity professionals today is one we aren't even fully prepared to handle. This vulnerability requires cybersecurity specialists to be armed with the latest technology in network and information security in order to safeguard US critical assets. The FBI and CIA acknowledge its existence and its significant risk to critical and... Continue Reading →

How Hackers Still Manage to Steal Facebook Passwords: How You Can Protect Yourself

Throughout the years of Facebook hacking, hackers have discovered plenty of different methods for stealing Facebook credentials. Some are straightforward; others quite clever. But, just like a cat-and-mouse game, Facebook responds with an additional security feature to protect our accounts. Thus, many of the older and easier methods of acquiring Facebook credentials are going obsolete.... Continue Reading →

What is the DARK WEB? How to Access It

Introduction: Ever wonder what lurks on the Dark Web? Hear any scary stories about contract killings? Weapons trading? Sex trafficking? Red rooms? These are all very real (with the exception of "red rooms." They are, by and large, more of a myth). At the surface, we have the Internet or the World Wide Web (WWW).... Continue Reading →

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