Volkswagen Golf GTE And Audi3 Sportback e-tron Car Models Vulnerable to Remote Hacking

Hacking vehicles isn't anything new. Over recent years, researchers have demonstrated through proof-of-concept experiments that many popular car models can be hacked by exploiting carefully selected vulnerabilities for a particular system integrated into the vehicle. Just ask Ford, Jeep, Nissan, and Toyota. Some of these vehicles can be remotely turned off; some of them can... Continue Reading →

NIST releases version 1.1 of The Cybersecurity Framework. Here’s a Summary

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has recently released version 1.1 of the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), designed to improve the cybersecurity of industries, companies, and organizations that are a part of the nation's critical infrastructure (e.g., energy, power, banking, communications, defense, etc.). The CSF is a voluntary framework that was originally developed in response... Continue Reading →

What Information Does Facebook Keep About You? See For Yourself! You’ll be Surprised

Are You Concerned About The Latest Facebook Trouble?If you're following the news, you'll know that Facebook is in deep water. What exactly happened? Back in 2014, Cambridge Analytica (CA), a British political consulting firm, which combines data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process, signed a data-sharing deal between SCL... Continue Reading →

Your Live Security Camera Footage May Be Broadcasted Online: And You Wouldn’t Know!

Live video feeds of home and commercial surveillance cameras around the globe are being broadcasted live and without permission on a site called Insecam, which is believed to have originated from Russia. Other sites like Shodan and Nestcamdirectory also provide visitors with the ability to look up IP cameras; however, Insecam aggregates these live video streams all into one... Continue Reading →

Refrigerators Are Hacking People

You read that right: Refrigerators are hacking people (or at least they can). The machine that you use to keep your perishables fresh can also be used maliciously against you if a hacker hijacks it. This all stems from a concept called the "Internet of Things," or "IoT." This has become an increasingly common topic... Continue Reading →

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