Your Live Security Camera Footage May Be Broadcasted Online: And You Wouldn’t Know!

Live video feeds of home and commercial surveillance cameras around the globe are being broadcasted live and without permission on a site called Insecam, which is believed to have originated from Russia. Other sites like Shodan and Nestcamdirectory also provide visitors with the ability to look up IP cameras; however, Insecam aggregates these live video streams all into one... Continue Reading →

Session Hijacking Attacks

Today, I'll discuss "Session Hijacking" attacks. But first, we need to understand what a cookie is. What are "Cookies?" A "cookie" is nothing more than a simple text file containing an arbitrary string of characters. When you visit many of your favorite web sites, the web server stores a cookie on your HD, allowing it... Continue Reading →

Refrigerators Are Hacking People

You read that right: Refrigerators are hacking people (or at least they can). The machine that you use to keep your perishables fresh can also be used maliciously against you if a hacker hijacks it. This all stems from a concept called the "Internet of Things," or "IoT." This has become an increasingly common topic... Continue Reading →

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